Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bedroom Mural....

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Mural For Kids

Our lovely friend Suzie and her beautiful daughter Lola designed and painted a mural in little Lola’s bedroom- we love it! Have a read and be inspired to add some colour to cream bedroom walls...
The cream wall provided the perfect blank canvas for Lola’s big tree design – incorporating fresh green leaves and pretty birds tweeting in the branches. Suzie sketched the design on to the wall and then they made sure that the carpet was covered in case of any paint spills.
Mural Stage 1

Once the dark brown trunk of the tree was carefully painted by Lola (with a little help from Suzie) they patiently waited for the paint to dry. During this time Suzie created a leaf template ready to draw the leaves around the branches.

Mural Step 2

Finally once the paint has dried, Suzie used the mural as a backdrop and added Lola’s accessories and personal treasures

Mural Step3

We love Suzie’s creativity, imagination and bright colours, perfect to create a beautiful and playful kid’s bedroom.
Some of our other ideas you could create as a mural is a jungle scene, a pirate ship, a field of flowers or aeroplanes in the clouds. If, like me, you don’t have the natural creativity you could create stencils or templates. Or if you are lucky enough to live in the Nottingham area you could email Suzie to design and create you a mural.
Mural Accessories Ideas

Complete your children's bedroom with an Oliver iron bed, its simple shape and warm white colour compliments bright colours and looks great styled with our Noah bedside and toy box (perfect storage solutions). We love clashing floral patterns like on Lola’s tree, and think the pink checks on our Alice armchair would look great with ditsy floral and spotted patterns like the Jules cushion. An armchair is also the perfect place for kids to sit and enjoy a reading book before bedtime. Of course, no children’s room is complete without their most treasured teddy bears and toys – we think our Snowy Bunny goes perfectly with Lola’s woodland theme.
I would love to your thoughts on our children’s bedroom inspiration and any fab ideas you have for a childrens bedroom.